Jay Oliver - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Saturday, Oct 1, in Santa Cruz, CA

At the Unity Temple of Santa Cruz - 7:30pm

Hey from Jay:
Hey everyone. Jay Oliver here. You may be happy to know that I've (finally) come out from the laboratory, and have embraced my deepest expression as a solo artist. more >>

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Music surely carries power beyond that of what we can measure or quantify. In that light, it doesn't have to be sophisticated music.... more>>

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Hey everyone. Jay Oliver here. You may be happy to know that I've (finally) come out from the laboratory, and have embraced my deepest expression as a solo artist. As some of you may know, I've spent the last many years as a producer, engineer, side-musician and entrepreneur. Over the last 5 years, I began studying and practicing piano again, this time the acoustic piano. Getting completely outside the box, I've developed a new technique that is quite different, I'm happy to bring this new style to everyone in hopes to inspire others. Actually, the technique engenders many different drum rudiments, using 2 hands, templated over the piano keys. I can thank my good friend Dave Weckl for that inspiration!

For the next many years, I hope to be making lots of music - from solo piano to full tracks. My first launch is a string of new solo piano performances that are quite unique. Using the new MUSE Receptor, I've developed a new sound that centers around the acoustic piano, but with semi-subtle additives that make it sound larger than life, lush and incredibly dynamic. It's an amazing feeling to play it, as the sound seems to beg for your expression. I explain more about the sound on my new website - just launched today Dec 30.

Although it's a bit late in the season, I just created a music video that is a deep personal expression for me. Please check it out - it's quite moving. It portrays a deep message of what "Christmas" really means, and the visuals are powerful against the music. Truly, it was even hard for me to work on editing the video without getting emotional. It's here on the MySpace page, also my Facebook page, YouTube and my personal website - jayoliver.com

FINALLY !!! I have finished 9 new songs and they're on my website and available as MP3 download. For all you Dave Weckl fans, I've also done a new version of the song "Tribute", which I had written many years ago for one of our albums called "Hardwired". Additionally, there's a wide assortment of stylistic influence here, carrying a common thread of expressive and dynamic emotions. If I had to label it, I would say that this new style is a combination of jazz, blues/gospel, americana/folk, irish folk, R&B, and pop/rock. - somehow all mixing together in one broth. It seems to work well, and I hope to dive in even further.

I hope that you all will join in the collective support and keep this kind of music alive. Please check out the music here on the site - and you can get it easily. Pass the word around, and if all goes well, I'll be making lots more of it!

I also want to thank everyone for your emails and comments. I have been crazy busy for the last several years, doing other projects and haven't been in a position to answer emails. You can send me emails and I should be more available to answer as many as possible. You can send them here to the MySpace account, or Facebook, or straight to info@jayoliver.com.

Thanks to everyone !
- Jay



It shouldn't be of primary importance what chords we play, or how fast we play, or our rhythmic dexterity, etc. What matters is that a connection is made between the music source and the listener (the listener can also be the performer, btw), and that it carry an "energy." I try to approach making music as a transference of that energy. To this, the music performance can best be defined as simply a touch, like the touch of one hand to another; a conduit through which energy flows from me to you. If you are moved - in any way - by the music, then I am doing my job as a messenger of that energy. And even moreso, if it opens your heart and evokes a stirring of emotions, then I am smiling, and can be fulfilled knowing that I've helped to send a bit of magic your way.

To that end, I like to think that the musician can almost be like a healer, providing the energy s/he creates embodies light rather than darkness. When I play, I consider it my job to channel that energy, harness it, ignite it, and then deliver it straight to the mind and body of the listener, via the music, which carries the infinite ability to penetrate deep within the soul.